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  • Do you offer an EXPRESS service?
    Yes, we do offer an express service for customers who need turnaround much faster. Sometimes even next day! We can advise on what's possible during the time of ordering. Naturally, it depends upon stock levels available and workload at the time of ordering but we do try to cater for urgent orders as best as we can. Express services are offered at a premium rate.
  • Why should you use us to provide your printed apparel?
    Its a good question and one which we are pleased you asked! We are glad you are considering us as your supplier for printed apparel! It's true that we are not the cheapest company on the market but we think we probably are the best! That does sound pompous or even arrogant we know, but here are a few things to consider when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck: - will the cheapest screen printer offer you the best service to accompany the product they print? - will the cheapest screen printer offer you a 'no fuss' policy for any issues experienced when you receive the product? - will the cheapest screen printer be able to turn around a reprint for emergency requirements and achieve the best print results? - will the cheapest screen printer be able to prioritise your order when the pressure is on? You get the idea! We believe its not always wise to focus on the price of the printed garment but to consider the type of service you expect in the process! - our customer service is second to none. you can see that in our reviews. - our customer experience of hand-holding you through the process of getting a quote through to receiving your printed goods is unlike any other printer - we are a no fuss supplier! what this means is if there is an issue we will usually resolve it directly. It does not happen often but where it does we pride ourselves in sorting out issues fast and at no extra expense to the customer. Ultimately, you get what you pay for! If you are only interested in the cheapest garments and don't care what level of customer service and support you get then you should not be purchasing from us. But if you want the best garments, the best prints, the best customer service experience, and the best peace of mind then you should probably partner with us whether its for a single order or a long term partnership.
  • How can I pay for my order?
    Paying for your order is easy. It can be done online using a credit card via the invoice email that we will send you or you can EFT directly to our bank account details are available on invoicing. There is a small surcharge to pay online, but it smooths out and speeds up the process. All the major credit cards can be used in the online payment system.
  • Can I track my order delivery?
    Yes you can track your order electronically online using the TNT tracking portal - or in the case of an Auspost delivery you can use their tracking system. When your order is ready for uplift by our couriers we will notify you by email and provide all the tracking details at that point.
  • Who do you use to deliver?
    All our orders are delivered using TNT. We find them to be the most reliable - end to end - company, and they have excellent online tracking facilities. With some orders we may use Auspost though this is rare. Smaller orders of 25 or less are usually sealed in a waterproof bag, while most orders are boxed in solid Gildan or Anvil apparel boxes. All orders are packed by hand for quality control and have internal waterproofing bags to keep them warm and dry. Box weight vary between order based on the quantity or items purchased but typically they weigh around 12kgs.
  • How long will my order take to be delivered?
    We deliver throughout Australia! Delivery times will depend on your location. Once payment is confirmed your order will be printed and packed. From point of payment to point of despatch typically takes between 7-14 business days. But this is always dependant upon how busy we are when you make your payment. With delivery times we have found that orders to NSW, ACT are often delivered next day, QLD, VIC & SA are 2-3 days, WA, NT, TAS usually 3-10 days. Tracking details help you monitor delivery. We do offer a faster delivery service, for example next day from NSW to WA, but naturally there is a surcharge for expedited delivery. If you are looking to get your order more quickly let the team know at the point of ordering.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    We deliver Australia-wide. Where Australian clients have destinations overseas we can arrange for delivery worldwide at an extra charge.
  • Can we take part-delivery on an order and fulfill the rest of the order later?
    Yes. In some cases, clients may want to create a larger order which can be drawn down as and when needed. This allows customers to achieve the best rates per item possible. In these cases an order must be paid for in full and screens will be allocated and stored for the full client requirement ready for printing and despatch at shorter notice.
  • Can I organise a repeat order?
    Yes you can. We keep all the artwork for clients on file, unless they specify that we should delete files. Repeat orders usually have a reduced setup fee.
  • How are you able to sell your garments at such good prices?
    Price mark-up on T-shirts can be excessive across the market. We try to keep our overheads to a minimum where possible. But basically, we are not in this for the money! Our customers appreciate that we have to make enough money to support ourselves and ensure we give to other organisations like Compassion Australia and the Barnabas Fund for Persecuted Christians. But it doesn’t take our Customers long before they realise the value that we can create in a good, well priced T-shirt. Generally we are about 35% cheaper than most of our competitors, and in some cases it’s a lot higher!
  • Are you really based in Australia?
    Yes, absolutely! So many online T-Shirt companies seem to be based in the USA. But we are in good old Oz! Specifically in the lovely New England region of New South Wales. We believe it's the best place to print t-shirts in Australia as its a dry arid climate that does not get too hot, but gets well below zero in winter! Brrrrh! Perfect for Screen Printing!
  • If we give you one of our designs who will own the copyright?
    Clients always own the copyright on their pre-designed images. When an order is placed then the customer with a predesigned image essentially allows us to handle the image electronically and keep a copy for future use if required. But the copyright remains with the customer or the original copyright holder. In some cases a customer may ask for us to destroy all versions of the image on our systems including print positives. It is the responsibility of the customer providing their own artwork to ensure that they posses the legal rights to any third party images they are providing. For example, we can't print something like the Coca-Cola or a University logo if you are not actually in possession of the copyright or don't have permission to use it. This is a standard requirement in the Printing world. We never supply or use customer artwork for another customer or for ourselves.
  • If you do the design for us who will own the copyright?
    Essentially, the copyright exists with the people who created the design electronically in the first place. Which in this case is us. However, when an order is placed and paid for then we relinquish any rights to the use of that design artwork and any copyright is transfered to the ordering organisation upon delivery of the order. In the case where we do a design and you don’t wish to purchase stock from us, then the copyright remains with us. It is not lawful to get us to do a design – in most cases for free – and then use it without placing an order from us. Please note we will charge for the use of this artwork if it is used without permission or payment. It is worth noting that where a client provides their own artwork they must have approval to use any third party logo's or trademarks. If in doubt about these processes feel free to give us a call and talk through your concerns.
  • What is an acceptable level of spoilage?
    Every effort is made to produce near perfect orders every time. However, screen printing is an industrial process and hence is prone to some level of error from time to time. In accordance with industry standards, Ministry Shirts is not responsible for loss of product within 2% deviation per production job. Damage is always rounded to the nearest whole number. Generally, the actual spoilage rate of garments with Ministry Shirts is considerably lower than 2%. It is recommended as a general measure that customers include an excess in the order numbers of 2% to cover any spoilage that may occur in the production process.
  • Do you offer samples?
    Screen printing is an expensive print medium to get a print run going. As a result we do not offer print runs of less than 25. We are unable to offer printed samples of customer's works and also can't sell blank garments to customers wanting to know more about the garment quality and sizes etc. We do create digital mockups of the work as part of the quotation process though. These can be a handy reference and will be an accurate representation of the final product. With customers looking for a larger order from us we will provide printed samples of some of our own designs on high end garments. These can be purchased from us for smaller orders too.
  • Can I change Ink Colour for some of the garments in my order?
    Yes you can. This is called a 'Colour-way press Wash'! To make this happen we need to stop the press and wash out all the ink, dry the screen and reset the press. Its a messy job and takes a little while to do. There is a small charge of $40 per screen to do this. It is worth noting that we wont do this for just a few garments in your order, it usually needs to be at least 10 to change the ink colours.
  • Can I buy different sizes garments in my order?
    Yes you can spread the order across all the sizes that are available by buying multiples of different sizes dependant on what you need. Standard sizes are Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3XL. Some garments in some colours also come in 3XL, 4XL, & 5XL. There is a manufacturer's surcharge that applies to the larger sizes. Sizing has a manufacturers margin of error generally of around 2cms.
  • What is your return policy for orders?
    The printed products that we supply are custom printed. As such they have no value to us to take as a return as we can't resell them. Accordingly, we don’t accept returns unless the garment themselves in orders are faulty. In these rare cases we reserve the right to replace the faulty goods only. We pride ourselves in making sure that our trading policies are legally in accordance with the Dept of Fair Trading policies in New South Wales which can be reviewed at the following link: Office of Fair Trading,-replacements-and-refunds
  • Do you keep screens if I want to do a reprint?
    To do that we would need to keep thousands of screens a year. We run through around 150 screens a week! Generally all screens are reclaimed at the end of the print cycle and recommissioned for another run. For some customers who order regularly upwards of 200 garments a month we keep screens in stock inked and ready to go. We use the most advanced auto-coating and UV Exposure units meaning that the cost of creating a screen only takes about a minute to create. Cost of screens is generally including in repeat orders, so there is no extra cost to the customer.
  • Can I supply my own garments?
    Nope. We don't print on garments that are not supplied by us. Afterall, you would not head out to a restaurant and hand over the steak you wanted cooked to them saying 'here! I bought my own steak, can you cook it!' There are several reasons for this: 1. Quality of garment manufacture and content (cotton / poly counts) can be an issue from manufacturers not vetted by us and we only print on the highest quality to ensure the best prints. 2. Brands purchased retail from stores often do not allow screen printers to print on them. 3. It is unlikely that you will receive the wholesale discounts that we amass from garments we purchase each year, meaning you will not likely make any saving. 4. If there is any spoilage (sub standard prints) on press then we have no stock to replace them with. In some rare cases where customers have already spent heaps of cash on buying their own stock we might take pity on you and run the print job, but in most cases we will ask you to return the stock get a refund and purchase from us as part of the ordering process, that way you will end up with a little more money back in your pocket!
  • How many different garment types can I have in one order?
    You can have as many different garment types in a single order as long as one of the garment types meets the minimum order quantity. So for example, you could have an order of 30 Tees, 5 Hoodies, 7 crop tees, 2 Tanks etc.
  • Do you print on Youth and Kiddies garments?
    Absolutely we do. we print on Men's, Womens, Youth and Kiddies garments down to size 2. With garments less than size 8 we require a minimum addition order quantity of 20 garments.
  • Can I buy garments with different colours on them?
    Yes you can. Although it should be noted that orders with more than 5-6 colours of garment in them incur a surcharge. When ordering multiple colours of garment you need to keep in mind whether the ink colours will work across all of them. Changing ink colour comes at a cost per screen.
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