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Standard & Pantone Inks


We print in over 2,000 Pantone spot colours and in full colour for some of our customers.

But most of our customer use an off the shelf ink colour to match roughly against their artwork. Have a look at the standard inks below and let us know if you require us to use any of these inks. Otherwise we can just use an approximate match from one of these colours for your print job. Alternatively, let us have a Pantone PMS number and we will mix up the ink colour for your here.

*Due to variances among color monitors, the colors on your computer monitor will not 100% accurately reflect the colors of our inks

new swatch rutland3.jpg

Interested in getting a Pantone Ink made up but don't know which one to choose? Head on over to Pantones website (use the button below) and choose and ink and give us the number. There is a charge  for making up a Pantone ink. Unsure which Pantone is right, click on the Hex to Pantone converter below and work out the right one for your colour. We can always do this for you too if you are colourblind (like our boss!)

Editing an Image
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