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We want to make sure that your artwork will translate into the best screen printed graphic. So we have created a few basic guidelines which should help you and your designer. Remember we also do designs for customers for very small fees (or in some cases for free) don't be afraid to ask for help.

1. Create and save your design in the best supported file format.

We accept artwork in almost every format. However, the best formats are vector graphics that have been saved in the following file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

  • Editable EPS (.eps)

  • Acrobat PDF (.pdf)

  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)


We will accept non-vector artwork saved as an image file (.jpg, or .png) for recreation. This is normally done for free.

2. If at all possible, use vector artwork
Vector art is composed of paths, lines, curves, and shapes. These elements are controlled through points with definite locations on the x – and y – axes of the work plane. This process allows you to increase or decrease the size of the graphic without distortion. Vector artwork that is saved correctly is easily transformed into an acceptable screen printed graphic. So this is the best format, but often not essential for most designs.

3. Choose high-resolution photos. Remember to include any links.
Photographs are not composed of vectors. If photos are not high-resolution they will become blurry and unusable when they are enlarged. Use photos that have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If your design includes linked photos, be certain to include the photos or embed them when you submit your design.

4. Want to save money? Use fewer colors
In order to transform your design into a screen-printed garment, each color requires its own film positive and its own screen. Those cost time and money to make and add extra steps in the printing process, which costs more to print. To reduce your overall cost, use fewer colors to limit the total number of screens.

If you have questions or need to clarify something with us? Don’t be afraid to ask.

We will be happy to explain both the process and why certain file formats are necessary. To make it even easier we often to designs for our customers which can be free depending on the size of the order and the amount of work required in the graphic. We also re-create and re-render images all the time. So basically if you are worried then send it to us and we can sort it out as required.

Call us on (02) 6711 1284 or email our art dept. on

Thats it! Have fun creating!

We support all forms of artwork including .AI, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG. If you are new to design work or don't have a graphic designer we can create artwork for you or you can you can even create your own designs with canva & share them with our art dept ( or upload them to us.
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